RF Design Services

RF Design Services

3D printed / micro-AM-produced microwave and mm-wave/RF components offer the option to consolidate several classically machined RF-parts into a single monolithic one. Also, features such as corrugations in a horn antenna or internal holes between adjacent waveguides for couplers that are hard or impossible to obtain through subtractive machining are possible. Additionally, micro-AM allows for rapid production of passive components straight from CAD data formats typically supplied from RF simulation software. Horizon Microtechnologies serves RF- and mm-wave applications with its combination of 3D polymer microprinting and 3D coating of copper. Additionally to the above benefits, this allows for significant weight savings.  

Leveraging the design freedom of micro-AM while respecting the interaction between part geometry, thickness and conductivity of the coating, manufacturing limitations and tolerances as well as part performance deserves special attention. That’s why we offer RF-design and simulation services with CST Microwave Studio on-top of our existing 3D micromanufacturing and development services in order to shortcircuit design and prototyping iterations. This allows our customers truly optimized and rapid development and prototyping of their components. We offer the design and manufacturing of metallic, dielectric and hybrid antennas, filters and waveguides.  

Reach out now to find out how we can support your RF-Design and manufacturing challenges. 

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