3D Coating

3D Coating

Horizon Microtechnologies (HMT) is a company expert in coating processes developed to work withvery complex-shaped parts and a variety of substrate materials.  The developed processes  remove or at least reduce  materials- vs functionality-vs manufacturability-tradeoffs that currently impact design decisions in the manufacturing of precision- and microfabricated parts. The HMT coating technologies are especially suited as a post-printing treatment for micro-AM derived polymer-parts. So saying, our customers can receive parts from us with the functionalities of the coating but which also exploit the design freedom, precision, and resolution achievable through micro-AM. We can work with customer supplied parts as well as parts made in-house, the latter case often giving the highest added value since the production process is completely controlled by us. That way, interfaces between different suppliers and external influences are eliminated and repeatable outcomes are achieved easily.  

The coatings offered are: 

  • HMT-Metal: Copper with >25% of bulk copper conductivity. Find out more
  • HMT-Protect: Ceramic-like metal oxide based protective coatings that increase resilience against external influences such as chemicals, abrasion or elevated temperatures. Find out more
  • HMT-conductive: Transparent conductive coatings with sheet resistances between a few kOhm/sq and approx. 100 Ohm/sq. Find out more

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