Protective coatings

Protective coatings

Our HMT-Protect process, is used to hermetically encapsulate parts in order to protect them against the environment. This way, parts can be made compatible with aggressive chemical environments and will in some cases display increased resistance to high temperatures and mechanical loads or abrasion. The coating process’ ability to reach even deep recesses, undercuts, and the inside of long, bending channels is extreme. In combination with 3D printed parts this allows, for example, for the fabrication with extreme design freedom of nozzles and monolithic 3D nano-/microfluidics for high flow rates, high pressure drops, aggressive solvents and certain acids and bases.


  • Resistant to many solvents, acids and bases
  • Increased abrasion resistance and hardness
  • Thickness: sub-µm, with better than 10% homogeneity typically
  • Aspect ratio of coatable features: 150:1 typical

(Please note that specifications are constantly evolving and may be design-specific and mutually dependent.)

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