Transparent conductive coatings

Transparent conductive coatings

The HMT-Conductive process can deposit conductive layers with tailorable sheet resistances between 100 Ohm/sq and a few kOhm/sq onto virtually any part shape. The resulting film will have a near-constant thickness, and does not add more than one µm of thickness, unless desired. In combination with 3D printed micro-geometries, this allows for the manufacturing of EMI shielding, parts like nozzles that won’t suffer from electrostatic discharge, freeform embedded resistors and conductive traces, as well as free-form electrodes. The coating’s transparency is useful, amongst other things, in opto-electronics applicationslike optogenetic devices, microfluidic devices with integrated electronics and optical readout, or transparent EMI shielding. Importantly, the coating can be applied selectively to properly designed parts. Please contact us if this is required. If higher conductivities than those listed here are needed, please consider our HMT-Metal process.

Conservative Specifications: 

  • Selectable sheet resistance range: 100 Ohm/sq to a few kOhm/sq 
  • Thickness: sub-µm, with typically better than 10% homogeneity 
  • Selective coating possible  
  • Aspect ratio of coatable features: 150:1 typical  

(Please note that specifications are constantly evolving and may be design-specific and mutually dependent.) 

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