3D Microprinting

We provide photopolymer 3D printing services on a high-end, 10 µm resolution DLP machine by Boston Micro Fabrication under cleanroom conditions. The materials used cover standard prototyping materials as well as high temperature materials. Additional materials can be made available upon request. For cases where high precision is not required or initial costs should be kept as low as possible, we can also offer 3D printing on a Form3 SLA machine.

3D Coating

Horizon Microtechnologies’ (HMT’s) proprietary coating processes allow for homogeneous and precise coating of 3D substrates, originating either from our in-house 3D microprinting / micro AM processes, parts sourced by us, or supplied by the customer. The available processes allow deposition on a very wide range of parts and materials. Selective coating of parts is possible! The following processes are available:

HMT-Metal: Copper with >25% of bulk copper conductivity.

HMT-Protect: Ceramic-like protective coatings that increase resilience against external influences such as chemicals, abrasion or elevated temperatures.

HMT-Conductive: Transparent conductive coatings with sheet resistances between a few kOhm/sq and approx. 100 Ohm/sq.

Development services

For you to experience the full benefit of our coating and 3D printing processes, we can gladly support you in your design process in a consultative manner or indeed entirely design the part to your functional specifications. Beyond the use of our proprietary manufacturing technologies, Horizon Microtechnologies has a strong understanding of 3D microfabrication process chains in general, and we support your product development and sourcing efforts as a partner in any 3D microfabrication project.

RF Design Services

3D printing and metallization techniques open up valuable new design options for passive RF- and mm-wave components. However, understanding and respecting the interaction between part geometry, thickness and conductivity of the coating, manufacturing limitations and tolerances as well as part performance merits special attention. That’s why we offer RF-design and simulation services in addition to our existing 3D micromanufacturing and development services in order to shortcircuit design and prototyping iterations. This allows our customers truly optimized and rapid development and prototyping of their components.

Contact Horizon

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our services. A member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible