Horizon Microtechnologies

Our Mission

For Horizon, the watch words in all our work for customers are authenticity, integrity, and reliability. Horizon’s mission is to enable success for our customers by delivering innovative micro-scale conductive parts and components. We do this by harnessing the power of today’s highly precise polymer additive manufacturing (AM) technologies in combination with coating processes tailored to 3D precision parts.

We exist to deliver exceptional results for our customers by constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in 3D microfabrication. We partner and collaborate with our customers, and enable their success by ensuring the achievement of exceptional and innovative outcomes in a timely and cost-effective manner, with an obsessive focus on quality and an emphasis on transparency in customer relationships.

Our Team

At Horizon Microtechnologies, our team has a singular focus.: To  empower industry sectors looking for alternative, agile, cost-effective, and speedy technologies for the production of micro-scale conductive or environmentally resistant parts and components by combining the strengths of polymer-based micro-AM and our 3D coating processes which add functional layers to parts.

Our solutions-oriented team is central to the success of our customers. We are respected for our experience, technical knowledge, and the pursuance of a logical, level-headed, approach that ensures that we “go beyond” to achieve customer goals.

Embedded in our DNA is an obsessive focus on achieving success in challenging micro-scale part and component manufacturing. On behalf of our customers, the Horizon Microtechnologies team is fully engaged, positive, passionate, and excited about the possibilities that exist for customers that engage with our company and our technology solutions.

Our Company

What makes us stand out as a company is that we offer in-depth experience in design and  development of 3D microparts  as well as a full 3D microfabrication production process chain under the same roof. We combine our in-house expertise and proprietary coating technologies with commercially available polymer micro-AM technologies and the general toolbox of 3D microstructuring technology. The coating solutions are an integral and important addition to any AM or other precision manufacturing process. As a vertically integrated company we support the entire process chain from component design, through manufacturing and post-build treatments and coatings as a one-stop-shop. This allows rapid innovation, reduces time-to-market and hence revolutionises the manufacture of micro-scale metallic, conductive and resilient parts and components.

Our Core Values

Every member of the Horizon Microtechnologies team is characterised by integrity and dedication. Integrity demands that we focus purely on customer satisfaction, and central to every project we undertake is a focus on an open, straight-forward, thorough and collaborative working relationship. In this way we optimise outcomes and add real value to your business. Dedication means that we are always fully accountable and defined by your success. We are purely focused on the achievement of optimal results to your timeline and performance requirement, and pre-emptively address situations as they arise.

Contact Horizon

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our services. A member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible