3D Microfluidics

Additive manufacturing (AM) is well suited to the production of 3D microfluidic devices such as chips and nozzles. Being able to produce a microfluidic device in one-single step from a CAD model is advantageous since no bonding and sealing of the individual layers is needed and makes the fabrication of such devices simple and quick. Today’s micro-AM technologies lend themselves very well to prototyping and small batch production of complex, multi-level microfluidic chips, including chips with integrated interfaces or filters. Microfluidic nozzles with intricate internal features can be made that will reproducibly jet liquids in very well defined volumes.

Using Horizon’s post-print coating processes, the surfaces in contact with the liquid can be modified to control surface energy, or introduce electrically conductive elements for fluid sensing or manipulation as well as for the prevention of static charging.

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