Template-based 3D microfabrication is effectively a mechanism to exploit the usefulness of polymer micro-AM produced 3D microstructures (the template) for hitherto unserved areas of industry by adding material and functionality to the microstructure, typically with a coating process.

This is a real game changer for industry.

The key enabling technology for our processes is micro-AM, and today a number of commercially viable polymer-based micro-AM platforms exist that can achieve exacting tolerances, quickly, cost-effectively, and above all repeatably. However, these platforms are almost exclusively restricted to the production of parts in resin or plastics.

Horizon Microtechnologies bridges the gap between micro-AM and parts with enhanced functionality through the use of proprietary post-build processes. This means that companies requiring the flexibility, innovation, and agility that is driven by AM for parts with conductive, ceramic, heat-resistant, or other polymer-incompatible functionalities now have a commercially viable solution available.

Horizon Microtechnologies works with its customers as a product development partner, as it has in-depth expertise in the optimisation of the design of parts for micro-AM fabrication and post-processing. Considerations such as form, function, and material are all considered in consultation with the customer. The 3D microfabricated template determines the (almost) netshape of the final part, whereas the final functionality is achieved by post-processing steps.

Horizon Microtechnologies’ processes can be applied to the full range of micro-AM materials used across the various commercially available polymer micro-AM platforms and even on non-polymer templates.

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