Micro Scale Metallic Coated Parts

Horizon Microtechnologies can add copper metal coatings to micro-AM and other micro structures. This means that for the first time, companies can produce parts with the functionality of copper while also exploiting the design freedom, precision, and resolution achievable through micro-AM.

The technology is ideally suited to the very many applications where the use of bulk copper is not required and would be impossible or uneconomic. The ability to make geometries via polymer AM not possible through the use of bulk copper, and then add the functionality of a copper coating is therefore highly disruptive. 

Our copper coating process can coat almost all of a parts surface, including internal channels and undercuts to some degree, the channel’s aspect ratio being the limiting factor now rather than the absolute length. This is a huge advance for copper coating of micro-AM templates. In addition, it can be used not just to coat an entire micro-part, but to selectively coat features on a given template, creating several independent metal features for interconnects, vias, etc.

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